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The Complete 2019 NFL Guide

Its party time with the NFL centenary season under way!

Who will claim a coveted and one-off crown? Our 2019 NFL Guide picks the likeliest winners of the centenary Super Bowl!

Or, who will stop the New England Patriots bandwagon?

Bill Belichick’s side won three of the last five Super Bowls, as well as losing LII to the Philadelphia Eagles. They set the bar high for anyone with aspirations to win in Miami next February.

Can the Rams take immediate revenge for this year’s 13 – 3 defeat in Atlanta? Will Patrick Mahomes drive Kansas City Chiefs through the playoffs into Super Bowl LIV?

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady, the Man Who Knows How To Win

2019 NFL Guide

AFC Conference

The Patriots only made last season’s Super Bowl thanks to the over-zealous officials when they faced the Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

It was rough justice for Kansas City, AFC West winners – a feat they ought to repeat this season – and a defeat to inspire them this centenary season.

Patrick Mahomes deserved his MVP crown and despite Tom Brady’s age-defying performances, marks the Chiefs out as the team to beat.

Defensively, there is a tough road ahead despite appointing Steve Spagnuolo as a new co-ordinator. Last year’s 50-touchdown fiesta whet everyone’s appetite, making Mahomes is Brady’s heir apparent.

In the AFC East, however, the Pats superiority is unquestioned. Even losing Rob Gronkowski isn’t going to derail Belichick’s train in the conference. In the past decade, the Patriots averaged 12.3 wins per season; this one has the prospect of being higher provided they keep injury-free.

Elsewhere in the AFC, the conferences are wide open. The North, in particular, is pick any one of three. The momentum behind the Cleveland Browns was pricked in their opening day defeat and Freddie Kitchens rookie season as head coach got off to a nightmare start.

Baker Mayfield was poor against Tennessee; the Titans ran out 43 – 13 winners at the FirstEnergy Stadium. The holes in the Browns defense need to be filled quickly.

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are lurking if the Browns don’t get their act together quickly. Lamar Jackson of the Ravens is the standout talent and looks set to lead Baltimore into another season with the strong running game resurfacing.

Finally, in the South, it’s a helter-skelter ride. Indianapolis waved goodbye to Andrew Luck at QuarterBack as injuries took their toll. Jacoby Brissett is an adequate replacement but the Colts need something more inspirational when it comes to the playoffs.

It’s just as well Houston had a mad five minutes just as the season loomed large. The Texans were capable of winning all 13 games but now seem just as likely to lose them.

JJ Watt and DeAndre Hopkins are outstanding as is DeShaun Watson but the remainder of the roster is flaky, certainly in offense. A winning season may just be the best the Texans can hope for.

While Jacksonville will always be a tough nut to crack, it’s the Tennessee Titans who are the dark horses. Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry headline for a team many overlook with the QuarterBack’s fitness the key to their success.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes, the Man of the Moment

NFC Conference

Just as the Chiefs rued their bad luck in the AFC, New Orleans Saints feel likewise. An appalling pass interference ‘no-call’ forced a change in the use of television replays this season. Can Drew Brees invoke a nostalgic spirit in this team to reach Miami?

The Saints Jared Cook joining Michael Thomas in receiving Brees best efforts while Alvin Kamara remains almost unparalleled as a running back. Almost but not quite.

None of the Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Atlanta Falcons are ready to challenge the Saints supremacy in the South. Can they scrap for the playoffs? Maybe the Falcons but they are reliant on the defense performing and not fooling around as they did last year.

Matchday 2 sees New Orleans visit the LA Rams; it won’t decide the fate of either franchise’s season, some pointers will be drawn. Most notably, whether or not Sean McVay’s team will suffer a post-Super Bowl hangover?

That won’t be unusual. McVay and QB Jared Goff are in the spotlight; the leading lights must shine brightly to avoid that fate. Fortunately, the West is an accommodating division with the Arizona Cardinals a year shy of challenging for the playoffs. Neither Seattle Seahawks or San Francisco 49ers are consistent enough to push the Rams, however.

In the East, both Philadelphia and Dallas are shaping for a tremendous battle. The Cowboys walked through a field of four-leafed clover last year but will Dak Prescott deliver without resorting too much to luck? Travis Frederick strengthens the offense with Randall Cobb but they need a QuarterBack to deliver consistently.

Over at the Eagles, the roster is deep and a favourable schedule puts them planning for the post-season from around week 12. Philadelphia has one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and with a defense which is ready to roust everything and anyone, can they deliver?

Which leaves the North. Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are looking good in a tough division to call. Chicago and Detroit can’t be ruled out; the Bears opening day win boosted them, got them off to a good start and answered some questions over their defense.

However, Green Bay and the Vikings are strong in every department with Minnesota just edging the battle.

Sean McVay
A Man On A Mission: LA Rams head coach Sean McVay

2019 NFL Guide: The Post-Season

From the AFC, New England are the team to beat but Kansas are the ones to claim that. The Ravens and Colts make up the numbers as the winners while the Chargers and Steelers are heading to the playoffs via the wild cards.

In the NFC, divisional contest, the Saints and Rams are expected to be contesting the Championship game but Green Bay, Philadelphia, the Vikings and Cowboys will have a big say in that claim.

But who will be in Miami? The Chiefs are due luck after last season as are the Saints. Luck or hard work? Patrick Mahomes time is now and that will be all Kansas City needs.

Novibet NFL odds put New England as 17/5 favourites. Our 2019 NFL Guide calls Kansas City Chiefs as Super Bowl champions next February and 13/2 is a tempting price.

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