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Top 10 Worst Football Teams of all Time

Since the inception of the Premier League, we’ve been graced with some historic teams down the years.

Give it a year and Sheffield United could well find themselves on this less than impressive list, but for now we’ll give them a break.

From Roberto Mancini’s title-winning Manchester City side in 2014 to Bill Shankly’s Liverpool that defied all odds to make it to the first division all those years ago.

And who could forget Manchester United’s treble-winning season, or the Invincible’s that blossomed under Arsene Wenger’s careful tutelage?

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Yet where there is excellence there is also dismay, and alongside some of the best teams to grace the great game that is football, we’ve also had some of the worse.

Below we list our top 10 worst football teams to hit a football stadium near you. So, first things first…

10) Derby County, 2007/08

top six worst football teams
The face a man makes when he knows he is about to be sacked by a team on the brink of relegation…

Bringing up the rear end of our top 10 worst football teams – fitting, really – is Billy Davies 2007/08 Derby team.

With a solitary win in a season littered with 29 defeats and eight draws, the Rams earned themselves the accolade of the worst points tally amassed in the Premier League to date.

To add salt to the Rams fans wounds, Davies was then sacked for causing dressing room fracas with comments slating the team as ‘not good enough’, and creating further chaos and drama off the field.

This led to some absolute hammerings on the pitch, including a six-goal larruping at the hands of Aston Villa.


Yet his replacement, Paul Jewell, proved to be just as problematic for the team’s morale and performance on the pitch when the ‘News of the World’ released pictures from his sex tape. Charming fella, right?

The players were to describe the season as ‘soul destroying’ – one that Derby fans will not want to relive any time soon.

9) Pescara, 2016/17

top 10 worst football teams
Things have gone from bad to worse for the Serie A side

With 100 furious supporters following them around to various restaurants, it’s fair to say that Pescara won’t be winning any loyalty awards.

Despite the fact that under the likes of Maurizio Sarri they were blossoming, they have been unable to channel their previous successes in recent seasons.

”I always went to watch kids in Serie B, and I was already impressed by his (Sarri’s) Pescara”

Indeed, not with the season, they had in their 2016/17 campaign, featuring 81 leaked goals, a measly 18 goals scored and a single away win – one that they were awarded by Serie A, instead of rightfully claiming the three points.

Clearly, the fans had had enough, given that they did not allow the players one minutes rest in the postseason. They also managed to set two of Pescara president Daniele Sebastiani’s cars alight, cherry bombing his house in the process.

Little balls of happiness, aren’t they?

8) Darwen FC, 1898/89

top 10 worst football teams
This club used to be footballing pioneers. Oh how far the apple has fallen from the tree…

Darwen FC, based just a couple of miles south of Blackburn, were one of northern English football’s pioneers: they were the first English club to sign professional players, reached the semi-finals of the 1880/81 FA Cup, and were Football League members from 1891 to 1899.

But that final term (1898/99) in the Second Division was as bad as it could have been, beginning with financial insecurities doled out to them by one of their ex-players.

Not only did Darwen’s league performances collapse, with 18 consecutive defeats, but their resources dwindled – so much so that they deployed 63 different locals including a writer for a local paper to alleviate their issues.

And shades of those performances were also evident in recent seasons. Lo and behold:

But alas, it wasn’t enough. Darwen failed to win re-election and currently play in North West Counties League First Division North (tier 10), deservedly earning their eight place spot in our top 10 worst football teams to grace the sport.

7) Leyton Orient, 1994/95

top 10 worst football teams
From the jaws of Tony Woods, Orient have climbed their way out of the chaos…

What a statement from Leyton Orient’s chairman Tony Woods. The man who lost most of his money and business interests in Rwanda in 1994, also pulled Orient into chaos, becoming famous for those very words.

The nadir came in February with the O’s trailing 1-0 at half time against Blackpool – in full view of the cameras and thus millions of people watching around the world.

‘‘So you, you little c*** when I tell you to do something and you, you f****** big c*** – when I tell you to do something, do it. And if you f****** come back at me, we’ll have a f****** right sort out in here.

‘And you can pair up if you like. And you can f****** pick someone else to help you, and you can bring your f****** dinner. Because, by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll f****** need it. Do you f****** hear what I’m saying or not?”

Charming fella, right?

What’s more, his tirade involved sacking team captain Terry Howard and unleashing his full rage on the other 10 men present.

In the ensuing games, Orient won only one of their following 15 matches, and funnily enough, Wood and co were sacked for their role in the club’s descent.

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6) Sunderland (2005/06)

This was the year that poor old Sunderland, who had already set an unwanted record when they went on a incredible 15 game losing streak in the 2002/03 season, conceded 226 goals conceded in one season.

The less than lucky Black Cats ended their campaign with a lousy 15 points and hefty negative goal difference of minus 43.

I mean, just wow.

No wonder they only banked just three games all season long.

Losing their first five games of the season, Mick McCarthy’s men spent the entirety – bar one week – of the return to the top flight in the relegation zone, finishing a whopping 15 points behind 19th placed West Brom.

5)  Grenchen FC, 2014/15

top six worst football teams
Unbeknownst to them, these players would be given the cut moments after this picture was taken…

Some may argue that footballers get the easy job – paid up to millions of dollars for kicking about a ball, and sometimes half of them don’t even always play.

Yet the men of Grenchen FC we’re going to get the curveball of their lives when their sporting director Renato Brun decided to publicly fire all 11 players that took part in a game that the side lost to by 10 goals to nada against Lucerne’s youth team.

Getting ahold of the stats can make Brun’s decision a little more understandable: their defeat to Lucerne was one of nine consecutive losses where they had conceded a whopping 66 goals, finishing the season with 23 defeats in 26 games played, and a mammoth 147 goals netted against them.

And the horrid scorelines were a recurring theme across the season…


Yet publishing a list of 11 players who were, in Brun’s words, ‘no longer welcome’ at the club still seems harsh.

Further evidence for all the working men and women out there that not all footballing sides have it easy, though not all bosses are like Brun!

4) AFC Aldermaston, 2009/10

top six worst football teams
Agony for the Atom Men, as they continued to succumb to defeat week in and out in that torrid season

A fitting moniker for the team that made third place in our top 10 worst football teams to ever grace the game, given that their 2010 campaign was something of a bombshell for fans who made the effort to attend their matches.

The unfortunate Wessex League Division one outfit couldn’t even manage to claim a single draw in over 40 fixtures between Many 2009 and April 2010, until they finally managed to drag themselves across the finishing line and share the spoils of war with Warminster Town.

Manager Adie Heath had this to say about the hoodoo being broken:

”It is the record no team would want but I suppose it has given the club a bit of attention”.

Definitely attracted ‘attention’ all right.

They conceded more than 150 goals in that season that decimated the side – all in all, an explosive end to the season that did little to convince fans of expecting anything less in next season’s campaign.

3) The Federated States Of Micronesia, 2015/16

top six worst football teams
Hand over heart, this would go down as one of their worst seasons to date…

If you could find a place in your heart to feel sympathetic for the Federated States of Micronesia and their 2015 charge in the Pacific Games, their players would really appreciate it, considering the goalfest that ensued against them that year.

For players who had never been on an 11-a-side pitch before, and had barely interacted with western technology and styles of play (even elevators were a new concept) they were about to receive a baptism of fire like no other.

The team began the tournament with a mere 30-0 defeat to Tahiti, whose nine different goalscorers used the haka to rub the Micronesian’s face in the mud after such a damning loss.

This was followed by a 38-0 larruping at the hands of Fiji, and then a 46-0 drubbing dished out by Vanuatu, with striker Jean Kaltack finishing the game with 16 goals – a tally worth five hat-tricks.

A nightmarish experience that the Micronesians won’t be forgetting any time soon!

2) Doncaster Rovers, 1998/99

top six worst football teams
Doncaster locals carried around coffins to the games in protest…

The penultimate tidbit of gossip in our top 10 worst football teams to grace the game comes from the realms of South Yorkshire.

The sorry tale of Doncaster Rover’s 1998 campaign is one well known in the area, given that their Football League record of 34 defeats was accompanied with a mock funeral staged by fans, protesting their club’s woeful footballing performances and the burning of a part of the stadium they adored.

Fans wept and sobbed as the season ended with Rovers conceding 113 goals, with 46 players fielded and only 20 points amassed in the league – a total that ended their 75-year stint in the league.

To make matters worse, their chairman, Ken Richardson, was on trial for wrongly claiming insurance, their managers had the experience that amounted to running the Stockport County lottery, and their players continued to put in woeful performances on the pitch – enough to warrant mourning for the death of good football for many miles around.

1) Longford, 2016/17

With the kind of abysmal stats that Longford racked up in their 2016/17 Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division Two campaign, they definitely are the deserved owners of the top spot in our top 10 worst football teams to grace football.

With 15, 16 and 17-0 defeat regular scorelines in their fixtures across the season it’s no surprise that they racked up a harrowing total of 226 goals scored against them, with 30 defeats racked up in 30 games the final prognosis and nail in the coffin.

Yet despite such a horrific season, Longford insurance admin-turned-goalie said this:

”I’m one of those people who never let their hopes get done and I believe next season will be better”.

Of course, the following season saw them struggle just as fantastically – some even went so far to claim that the club had been cursed by rival sides. Who knows?

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