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Top Ten Darts Walk On Songs

Considering darts humble pub beginnings, the sport has done extremely well to place itself as one of the most loved and watched games in the country.

But what is it we love about the darts? Is it the fans? The loud shirts? The overriding silliness? Or the fine darting action? Of course, it’s probably the latter. But another element of a great night at the PDC might just be the walk on music.

To that end we thought now – with the Darts Premier League just around the corner – would be the prefect time to look into what we believe are the top ten darts walkout songs.

10) Fallon Sherrock – Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)

The Queen of the Palace and first female darter to win a PDC World Championship match, Fallon Sherrock, who then won a second when she felled the seeded Mensur Suljovic, became an overnight sensation with her 2020 Ally Pally antics.

And while she guest starred in the following season’s Darts Premier League, should she ever earn full time participation, she may wish to rethink her walk on song.

Why? Because Darts Premier League games famously go off on Thursday nights and Fallon’s song of choice is Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night.

Sure, it’s a catchy enough tune and definitely gets the crowd going so it makes our list, but there are other nights of the week Fallon!

Still, at least its not Whigfield on a Saturday I suppose.

9) Raymond van Barneveld – Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)

The returning darts legend, former retiree and all round good egg, Barney has picked a sporting classic for his walk out.

Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor, forever linked to boxing more than darts, is great tune for getting the crowd going as well as getting the Dutch five time world champion’s blood pumping too.

Massively popular with darts fans the world over, that familiar drummed intro meant only one thing, Barney was on his way.

This ensured that the song was eagerly anticipated by the Barney Army at every major event for years and now that he has picked up his darts once more, we may just get to relive it all again sometime soon.

8) Simon Whitlock – Down Under (Men At Work)

The Wizard, as he is known, has opted for a nationality based song for his walk on.

Hailing from Oz, and working on the PDC tour, Whitlock doesn’t get to spend much time in his homeland, save for some World Series dates Down Under pencilled in for the European summer.

Perhaps that’s why he chooses to remind himself of his Koala and Vegemite filled homeland by making his entry to Down Under by Men At Work.

The 2010 PDC World Championship runner up might have faced criticism over his choice of darts, but there can no disputing his choice of walk on song.

It’s a classic.

7) Dave Chisnall – Dizzy (Vic Reeves & The Wonderstuff)

The much lived Chizzy selected a song that rhymes with his darting nickname for his walk out theme.

And, silly as it is, it works for the St Helens chucker.

It’s not too intimidating for his rivals which is a line Chizzy – who always just seems happy to be there – never walks.

Taking each game in his stride, Chizzy always plays with a smile on his face, a smile that was never wilder than his Ally Pally demolition of Michael van Gerwen at the 2021 PDC World Darts Championships that left MVG feeling, well, dizzy.

6) Nathan Aspinall – Mr Brightside (The Killers)

The Asp has firmly established himself as one of the top chuckers in world darts over the past two seasons, but he has always had one of the coolest songs on the PDC.

That’s because Nathan Aspinall walks out to the mega popular Mr Brightside by US group The Killers.

Whether it’s just a good song to walk out to or one that gets inside the head of his opponents is up for debate, but it certainly hasn’t stopped him doing well in the big majors.

He is a Darts Premier League regular now, a two time semi-finalist at the Worlds and, of course, a UK Open champion.

That’s pretty bright indeed.

5) Gary Anderson – Jump Around (House Of Pain)

Get out your seat and jump around.

That’s the take home message from Gary ‘The Flying Scotsman’ Anderson and his walk on song.

It’s a real rabble rouser too.

The legendary two time PDC World Champion might not look like a hip hop man, but his use of House Of Pain’s Jump Around is inspired.

The crowd, particularly in his Scottish homeland, seem to enjoy it and its iconic sound too as they burst into life when their hero strolls on to the oche to handout another whooping to his opponent.

4) Michael Smith – Shut Up And Dance (Walk The Moon)

There’s a very cool little U2-esque ringing guitar intro to Walk The Moon’s Shut Up and Dance that leads in to ramped up shouty chorus that basically screams “let’s do this”.

Truth be told, it’s quite uplifting for one of the less emotional players on the circuit.

Lightning fast Bully Boy barely blinks between throws, but he barely smiles either. At least until the match is over that is.

But this song makes the list because it was of the most memorable and recognisable on the PDC tour and is also one of its most joyous.

Just wish someone would tell Michael Smith.

3) Michael van Gerwen – Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)

Yes, we know that Seven Nation Army is a song used by many a famous sport entrance but we’re not ranking on originality.

What we are looking for is how well it is used, and we would argue that no one uses it better than the Dutch master.

This is because that famous beat fits perfectly with the crowd’s chant of “One Michael van Gerwen”.

And it certainly works too because Mighty Mike has spent the last half a decade hoovering up every trophy in front of him.

Today, MVG is widely considered to be one of the greatest darters of all time.

2) Gerwyn Price – Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)

The 2021 PDC world champion is known in the game as The Iceman.

So, what better tune could there be to make an entrance to than Vanilla Ice’s 1990 classic Ice Ice Baby?

Far more than that though, it’s beaty intro now sends shivers down the spine of his opponents.

Not because he’s literally made of ice, but his imposing figure and near-unstoppable form at the oche very often means a beating is on the way.

The Welshman’s walk on has become one of the most foreboding sights in UK sport and his choice theme tune certainly drives home that point.

Peter Wright – Don’t Stop The Party (Pitbull)

Snakebite takes top spot not just for song alone – although it does perfectly sum up his approach to darts – but his all-round joyful performance.

To be fair, Wright’s walk on is possibly the most iconic entry in modern darts (from Ted Hankey to Phil Taylor, the sport has a long history of crazy walk ons) and that’s without the crazy dancing.

You see, when 2020 World Champ Snakey reaches the oche to the appropriate noise that is Pitbull’s Don’t Stop The Party, he doesn’t simply shake the hand of the officials, grab his darts and take a few practise throws.

No, in order to really fire up the crowd, he dances left and right and back again, clapping his hands and whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

Peter Wright’s Snakebite character is one of the biggest in sport and his entry into the hall only means one thing – entertainment.

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