We would like to inform you that Novibet will not continue to operate in the UK from 21.02.2022. For any questions or clarifications please check our FAQ section here or contact our Customer Support team. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Q. Why are you closing your website?

Novigroup Limited has decided to leave the GB market for commercial reasons.

Q. I have unsettled bets in my account. How will they be resolved?

We will honour all bets according to their outcome.

Q. I have bonus amounts in my account.

Bonus funds will be handled in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Q. I have funds in my Novibet account, how do I access them?

We encourage you to log in to your account as normal and request to withdraw your outstanding balance as soon as possible and before 23:59 (UK time) on 23rd May 2022.

If after 23rd May 2022 you still have funds which were not withdrawn from your account, you will have until 21st February 2023 to contact our Customer Services team and ask for them to arrange to return your funds by an alternative method.

Q. Are funds/money in my Novibet account safe?

Novigroup Limited (operator of www.novibet.co.uk) remains solvent and your funds will remain safe.

Q. I have funds in my Novibet account, but I’ve been asked for KYC documents.

From time to time our Customer Services team may request “Know Your Customer” (“KYC”) documents to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. If our Customer Services have requested KYC documents from you, you should promptly provide the documents to ensure no delays in the return of any funds to you from your account.

Q. I have funds in my Novibet account but I have yet to use the funds to gamble. Will I be able to withdraw my funds?

Yes. As all accounts are being closed and there shall be no restriction on withdrawing funds that have not been used in any games.

Q. I have funds in my Novibet account, but need to update my card details.

If your registered card has expired or been lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Services team by emailing [email protected] from the email address registered on your account.

Q. What happens if I do not withdraw the funds in my Novibet account within the time frame provided?

If we cannot return the funds to you, or you do not withdraw funds, by 21 February 2023, we will donate any remaining funds to GambleAware and those funds will no longer be available to you.

Q. How long will you keep my personal data after my Novibet account has been closed.

If you are a customer in Great Britain, we will keep your personal data for as long as is required to settle any outstanding player balances owed to you and to comply with our regulatory obligations.  After this period, we will delete your personal data.

Q. I want to make a complaint or I have an outstanding complaint.

You may continue to raise any complaint by contacting Customer Services and our ADR provider will remain available to deal with any disputes which may arise and which are not resolved through our complaints procedures.